Top Tools 3/8 Inch Curved Jaw Breaker Grozier Pliers

Product Description
  • 2 tools in 1 – one side is for breaking the other for grozing
  • 3/8” wide jaw securely holds glass
  • Spring loaded handle reduces hand fatigue

Use pliers to break glass along a score line when the glass can't be handled comfortably by hand. Wider 3/8" jaws are ideal for breaking long strips. A good score will snap cleanly with this plier. Turn the pliers over to use as a grozer (grozing is the "chewing" action that uses the pliers serrated jaw to nibble glass away from an edge). 6" long pliers feature spring loaded jaws.


  1. Break the glass by holding it's surface in one hand and holding the plier in the other hand.
  2. Position the edge of the plier parallel to the score line, 1/4" away.
  3. Apply a quick up and out motion.
  4. To groze or remove unwanted edges from the glass, use the serrated jaw and nibble away glass.
$ 9.26