15255-Toyo Custom Grip Cutter

Product Description

This neon colored cutter has a four position saddle built into the barrel.
Saddle fits between the thumb and forefinger, relieving them of strain.
Adjustable. Spring controlled oil flow system. Pressing down allows oil to
flow, stopping completely when pressure is released. The TAP WHEEL on this
cutter has an axle bore with eight microscopic cams creating eight ''taps"
per revolution of the wheel. The cams improve axle lubrication and allow
the score to be driven deeper into the glass with less pressure. The result is
longer wheel life and a clean, consistent score. To accommodate the wheel
technology, the Custom-grip Supercutter will not fit the standard TC-10H
and TC-17H heads. Custom-grip includes small head. (#15257)

Manf. Number: #TC21PVR

$ 36.89