Stainless Steel Floral Slumping Vase 6.5" Tall for Kiln Work Vase or Candle Holder

Product Description
Size:  6-1/2" Tall x 2-1/4" Diameter,
Floral Former: Versatile, achieve numerous shapes
      The fluting or 'drapery effect' is quite pronounced because lip of glass can fall quite a distance.
By:  Diamond Tech International

Stainless steel is an ideal material for slumping molds.
It's extremely durable, thin enough to heat quickly and won't retain heat during annealing. 
This mold is designed for bending glass over only.
Basic instructions are included.

Trick in getting kiln wash to stick to mold:
Heat metal to approx. 500oF in kiln.
Quickly spray on wash.
Since metal is hot, kiln wash dries before it has a chance to run.
$ 21.96