1 Inch Thick Rigid Fiberboard - Mold Making Glass Fusing and Slumping 12" Square

Product Description

Allows artist to design & instantly create their own molds & re-use them!
Forget the frustration of single-use molds! No measuring, mixing & forming clay molds -
just create a custom mold on the spot, with one simple step and a few basic tools.
Fiber board also doubles as a kiln shelf and is infused with Rigidizer.


  • Shelves last longer and do not warp.
  • Easy to cut, carve & shape. No need to purchase specialized or expensive tools.
  • Even heat distribution means mold won't interfere with heating & cooling process.
  • No need for mold hardener.
  • Perfect casting medium; makes effortless reliefs.
  • No waste! Scraps can be used in other projects.
  • Pre-Fired: no organic binders, fumes, shrinkage, expansion.

Technical Data:
Temperature: 2300oF/1260oC
Chemical Composition: AL2O3 + SiO2
Compressive Strength: 14.6lb/sq"
Thickness: 1”

$ 37.98