Large Glass Scoring And Breaking Mat 16" x 18"

Product Description
Product Description No More Bad Breaks! Perfect for cutting larger circles. Simply score your glass, flip it over on the 16" x 16" rubber mat and run the score line. You will get a clean break nearly every time! Step-by-Step: Breaking Out Circles 1. Using a circle cutter, make one continuous score. Mark score line with marking pen. 2. Flip glass over and place on breaking mat. Center thumb over mark and apply even, gentle pressure until the score begins to run. Repeat, repositioning your thumb where the run stopped, until it completes the circle. Note: Your will only be able to see the marks on cathedral and wispy glass. 3. Flip glass over. Create four "watch band" cuts. Score from circle out to the edge of the glass. Use running pliers to release the circle.
$ 49.67