DT32 Large Lady in the Woods Texture Tile Mold12 X 12

Product Description

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DT32 Lady in the Woods Texture - fired earthenware mold for glass 12" x 12" Treat with a suitable glass separator (boron nitrate sprays preferable) and fuse glass on the tile to impart texture to the glass. Texture will remain with slumping. Earthenware ceramic tiles work wonderfully to texture glass in a kiln. Generally, any glass piece can be heated and textured on a texture tile. For the most reliable results the use of fusible glass is recommended and if more than one piece of glass is to be fused together, the glass pieces must be of the same COE. Once textured, the glass can be slumped to create lovely vessels or displayed flat as panels or sun catchers. With the use of a common slumping firing schedule and most slump molds, the texture will remain intact. The flat or slumped textured glass can be painted using a variety of post firing color products such as the opaque and translucent Color MagicTM colors featured in many of the projects pictured. The basic procedure for the use of Creative Paradise, Inc. texture tiles and design tiles follows: ? Apply a quality glass separator to the tile according to the manufacturer's instructions. If using a water-based glass separator, the water must be completely driven from the ceramic tile before use with glass. Take care not to choose a glass separator that is excessively thick as the separator can fill in too much detail.

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