Kinkajou Deluxe Glass Bottle Cutting Kit

Product Description
Bottle Cutting Made Easy
Kinkajou is the revolutionary way to turn your favorite brands of glass bottles into custom tumblers, vases, candle holders and more. The unique design of this bottle cutter can be easily adjusted to fit bottles from the smallest soda or beer bottle up to 1.5 liter magnums - and when you're done, it slides closed for compact storage. Colors may vary; see additional images.

To use, simply loosen the Kinkajou on both sides, insert your bottle, tighten evenly, flip a lever to engage your cutter head and twist to score. The rolling wheels help keep the bottle moving smoothly and aligned for a seamless score.

◾Bottle Cutter with Carbide Cutting Wheel
◾2 Silicone Separation Rings (fits common bottle sizes)
◾Glass Tapper Tool
◾3 Silicon Carbide Sandpaper Pieces - 80 Grit

The cutters that I have for sale are yellow
$ 57.12