Beginners Stained Glass Kit

Product Description

Beginners Stained Glass Kit

Includes everything that beginners need to experience their first project in stained glass. Packaged in a convenient cardboard box to keep all supplies together. Intended for the beginner who doesn’t have time to take a formal (steps approach) class but wants to experience stained glass. Complete with small pieces of glass and a pattern with straight lines.


EZ 40 Plus Flux
Glass Pro Runner
Glass Pro Grozer
Abrasive Stone
Score Cutting Fluid
Fletcher Glass Cutter, Gold Tip
Venture Foil 1/4" x 36 yds. x .001"
5 varied pieces of stained glass
Beginner Pattern
Flux Brush
Nylon Burnisher
Safety Glasses
Hakko Red 60W Iron
Working with Stained Glass Book

$ 113.07