Zyp Boron Nitride Glass Release non aerosol Spray, 12oz

Product Description

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A Boron Nitride Spray mold release primer for slumping and fusing molds. • Produces a flawlessly smooth finish. • Effective at temperatures up to 1800°F • Works with Ceramic & Stainless Steel Molds • Releases glass easily for slumping & casting. • Water Based BN Paint is Non-Hazardous & Non-Flammable Easy spray on allows for uniform coating to produce a smooth finish. Size: 12 oz. Spray Pump Bottle How to Use: 1. Clean surfaces to be painted of any oils, dirt, scale. 2. Shake the bottle so paint is uniformly suspended. 3. Set up a cardboard piece and test spray onto it by squeezing the trigger several times to start the spray/flow. This will also show the spray pattern. 4. Move the spray tip from left-to-right while squeezing the trigger to coat the part with the rst coat. Coating can be varied by the frequency and strength of squeezing the trigger. After one ‘pass’, move the spray tip about halfway down and continue spraying. Repeat this until the entire area to be painted is covered uniformly. The wet coating can be smoothed with small brush, if necessary. 5. Dry the coated part until “dry-to-the-touch” and repeat Step 4 if a second coat is desired. Dry thoroughly before placing the coated part into its high-temperature environment (generally a furnace being heated up to the use-temperature).

$ 35.99