Water Fountain Project Kit - Stained Glass Fused Glass Fountains

Product Description
Let your creativity flow!
Bring a bit of the outdoors in with indoor fountains inspired by nature.  Create gorgeous fused glass flowers and assemble to create a unique water feature for inside your home.  Kit contains a quality pump that has a moderate flow - perfect for a small tabletop fountain. Included hardware is brass to deter rust for a project you can enjoy for years to come!

Kit includes: 
Indoor 50 gallon per hour submersible pump
2-1/2" brass threaded 1 tube
5 brass hex nuts
Large white rubber washer
4 small white rubber washers
Vinyl tube  

Learn how to make your own unique fountain - choose from two unique desings. Click to download the Lilly Pad Fountain or Daisy Fountain Project.
$ 35.69