Thompson Enamel for Window Glass - Lead Free

Product Description

Medium Temperature – Low Expansion Enamels for Window Glass and 400 Series (Magnetic) Stainless Steel
Normal firing temperature range for fusing: 1400-1500 ºF

Coefficient of expansion: Approx. 80 linear expansion.  Available in 80 mesh powder which can be sifted with the 40 mesh sifter, or mixed and painted on the glass.

Standard float window glass (approx.. 84 COE linear) may be used with the 5000 opaques and 6000 transparents.

2 oz is approximately 10 teaspoons

Black Opal 5990
China Red Opal 5835
Clover Opal 5720
Cream Opal 5105
Dark Aqua Blue Green Opal 5560
Delphinium Blue Transparent 6605
Fox Glove Purple Opal 5740
Golden Glow Yellow Opal 5260
Jade Green Opal 5350
Jungle Green Opal 5340
Light Orchid Opal 5760
Lilac Opal 5750
Medium Orange Opal 5820
Peacock Blue Green Opal 5540
Royal Blue Opal 5655
Spruce Green Transparent 6335
Slate Gray Opal 5960
Teal Green Opal 5545
White Opal 5010
$ 17.45