SLIDE HI-TEMP 1800 Mold release and lubricant with Boron Nitride Aerosol Spray

Product Description

IMPORTANT: This product is NOT recommended for use with Creative Paradise & Colour de Verre Molds.

Cannot be shipped by air, so no shipping outside US borders.

A Boron Nitride aerosol mold release primer for slumping and fusing molds. Hi-Temp 1800 is great for metal molds because there’s no need to pre-heat the mold before applying.
Hi-Temp 1800 dries instantly and is good for multiple firings below 1350o Fahrenheit. Above 1350o, you will need to re-apply mold release. On ceramic molds, coat
thoroughly about 4 times. Holds up well for multiple firings.

Size: 10 oz. can

$ 20.17