NO Days Powder Wafers, Clear, 12 x 48 Inch Roll for Glass Fusing Fine & Powder Frit

Product Description

12" x 12" sheet size fits conveniently on cutting machine mats ◾cut your design out of No Days Powder Wafers without wasting extra glass powder ◾easy to cut with scissors or craft knives, as well as punch out tools and cutting machines ◾designed for use in a standard kiln ◾tacks fine frit and powder in detailed wafer designs to glass immediately.

Comes with instructions and you can watch a video on youtube: An Easy to Use Adhesive Sheet for Designing Your Own Intricate Details with Glass Frits and Powders. Create Powder Wafers the easy way with No Days Powder Wafers! Make detailed patterns on your fused glass surfaces using glass powders or fine frits and NO Days Powder Wafers. Eliminate extra firings and cut detailed designs without wasting any powder.

$ 32.98