Mehndi Illusion Transfers - Screen Printed Enamel Designs for Glass

Product Description

For a video instruction using Illusion Transfers, click here. Courtesy of AAE Glass

A new and revolutionary product by AAE Glass. Each design is embedded in a 2" x 2" black enamel background square. Actual designs are between 1.25" - 1.75" Cut away as much as you need to accommodate the size of your pendant or keep the entire black background. You can even cut borders into the design. Use our jewelry templates to design your pieces. The "white" that you are seeing in the product picture is actually clear and will be the design will be the color of the glass or dichroic that you are using. Imagine the possibilities! Illusion Transfers are created by hand made specifically for the glass or ceramic artist. Each Illusion Transfer is a screen printed design with several layers of black enamel to ensure full coverage and opacity. Transfers are created with a mesh screen by hand on top of a special backing that allows you to soak your enamel in water and apply to your substrate. The enamel is stronger than you can imagine while providing a genuine screen printed image to your glass without the messy, expensive and tedious job of the screen printing process. Transfers can be used on any COE of glass. Now when it comes to dichroic, you can actually pattern your choice of dichroic coloring with the enamel designs and create infinite combinations of patterned colored dichroic! It is nearly impossible to screen print with dichroic under a screen and now you can with the enamel transfer. After firing, images are a thick, opaque and glossy black just as if you screen printed the glass yourself. Best fired between 1100-1250. Allow to dry overnight before firing. See the firing schedules under the "Hot Tips" tab next to this description. Be sure to check out Tanya Veit's free video class on using this extraordinary product. Illusion Transfers are for decorative purposes and are not made for food bearing surfaces. However, fusing Illusion transfers between glass for food or drink purposes, is OK. A thin layer of crystal clear powder may also be fused over the ITs as well. Do not exceed 1450 degrees for 45 min when full fusing Illusion Transfers. If the enamels are left in high heat or humidity for an extended period of time, the wax paper may stick to the enamel transfers. Stick them in the fridge for about 20 minutes. Remove as much of the wax paper as possible. Soak the enamel transfer in cold, pure water. Remove the excess wax paper before you remove the decal from the transfer paper. If a wax paper residue is left behind, do not panic. The enamel transfer is covered with a protective over coat that burns off around 1100. The wax paper residue will burn off around 200 degrees and it will not harm the enamel since it is protected. Be sure to store your transfers in a cool, dry place for future use.

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