Gryphon Zephyr Separating Blade for Ringsaw

Product Description
The gryphon zephyr separating blade looks like a regular blade, but it has a special fitting that allows you to pull it apart. The first step is to drill a hole in the glass. You can use a small grinding pin such as this 1/8th inch bit, or any of several other diamond bits. For this demo, we will use a one quarter-inch diamond bit. It is very important that you keep the bit wet while you are grinding, so make certain that the bit gets a good supply of moisture. Rock the glass back and forth as you grind and check the bit for moisture frequently. After a short period, the bit will have ground its way through the glass and we will be ready for the next step. We can pull the separating blade open far enough to allow the blade to be inserted into the hole that we ground in the glass. Push the blade back together, and start cutting normally. When you have finished with your inside cut, pull the blade apart and remove your glass.
$ 49.67