Gryphon Wet Belt Stained Glass Sander / Polisher - No PO Box Shipment

Product Description

Getting straight, smooth, finished edges has never been easier! The high power, low maintenance motor will make fast work of your grinding,
beveling and polishing needs. With an incredible 3" wide sanding belt, available in 4 grits, finishing edges or creating custom bevels is a
breeze. The built-in adjustable platform supports your project to prevent fatigue and keep a consistent angle.

This durable tool was designed to hold up to use in a studio, but at a price that even a hobbyist can enjoy.
Includes 3 grit belts. 1 year manufacturer warranty (excludes belts).

-High Speed DC Motor for fast grinding.
-Simple construction with few moving parts
-Direct Drive - no belts or pulleys.
-Convenient water reservoir under the lower wheel uses a
standard kitchen sponge to keep the belt wet. Grinder can
be used dry for standard sanding of soft material.
-90 Square inches of grinding surface.
-Ruggedly constructed of high-impact plastic, aluminum and
stainless steel.
-Comes with 3 belts: 80, 120 & 400 grits.

Voltage: 110 volt.,
Motor Speed: 3500 rpm
Belt Dimensions: 3” x 30”
Platform: Adjustable for angle
Coolant Reservoir: 9.5” by 7.5”
Tension Adjustment: Single Knob
Overall Dimensions: 17.5“ wide by 19” tall by 9” deep
Weight: 16lbs, unboxed
1 Year Warranty

$ 344.54