Glue & Screw Bracelet Parts - Unfinished 1 1/2" Solid Copper Drilled Cuff Bracelet & 32mm Setting Combo

Product Description

To watch an Instruction Video on Metal Mania Bracelets, Click Here Courtesy of AAE Glass.

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1 1/2" inch copper bracelet that is compatible with 20mm copper setting. Made in the USA by a Vet owned and operated company! Center hole is pre-drilled to easily accept Glue N" Screw settings.  PLEASE NOTE:  Bracelets are unfinished.  Which means, they may come with tooling marks from the manufacturers.  Use steel wool #0000 found at hardware to store to buff to a shiny finish and remove imperfections.  The steel wool will remove the tooling marks easily. Design these bracelets with our line of Metal Mania patina sheets or Vintaj Patina Paint.  Plug in the setting into the bracelet, attach the screw in the back, tighten and snip the access screw off with our flush cutters.  Lastly, file the back with a 400G diamond file.



1. Spray your jewelry on the inside with a clear sealer.  Krylon, non-yellowing sealer is best.

2. Apply a coating of car or jewelry wax to the jewelry piece
This works very well. It also prevents your copper from tarnishing and keeps your copper jewelry nice and shinny. Eventually it will wear off (not flake off) depending on how often you wear your copper jewelry. Simply reapply the wax, let dry then buff your jewelry with a soft cloth.  It is suggested to leave care instructions for your customers at the time of purchase as well. 


Wipe your jewelry piece with a soft cloth before you put it on or after you take it off
Yes! This is the cheapest, easiest way of keeping your copper jewelry clean and to protect them from oxidation. Oxidation is what turns your skin colors. Keep your copper jewelry clean, it's as simple as that! Treat your copper jewelry as you would your expensive pieces of jewelry; wipe it with a clean soft cloth before putting it on or after taking it off. This helps remove the sweat and oils from your skin which causes oxidation. Keeping your copper jewelry clean will prevent it from turning your skin colors

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