Zyp Boron Nitride Brushable 8OZ Glass Release

Product Description

Zyp Boron Nitride Glass Release Brushable, 8oz

Boron Nitride Glass Release Brushable is an easily applied Boron Nitride coating that is designed for ceramic molds used for glass slumping. This water-based “bulk” paint is non-hazardous which allows for much lower shipping and handling costs as compared to the solvent-based aerosol or bulk solvent-based paint

Key Attributes:

  • Ready-to-Use, Brushable Bulk Releasecoating
  • Water-based, Nonflammable, Non-hazardous
  • Anti-Stick
  • Easy Release
  • Ideal Use: All Glass Slumping and Forming using Bisque Molds

    $ 29.69