Glass Forming with the Mold Block System byKaiser

Product Description

re you ready to take the 'Next Step in Fused Glass Forming? The innovative Mold Block System presented in this book is certain to trigger a creative leap to the next level in glass fusing. These Mold Blocks are particularly well suited for use in portable tabletop kilns, offering the ability to create glass forms that are difficult to produce any other way. It's fun and exciting to design unique mold configurations that continually offer a twist to standard fused glass shapes. This title is presented in an easy to follow self-directed format starting with an examination of the mold material and cutting the mold block components. Then the book moves into a complete guide from start to finish through the creation of a glass project, including an essential tutorial describing the process to manually fire a tabletop kiln. This book is the first title in the new "Next Step Art Glass" series by Wardell Publications Inc. The basic concept for this series will be to offer focused instruction for advanced or specialised techniques to guide a crafter from their current skill set to the Next Step in art glass.


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