Fusing Glass Supplies COE 96 Red Reactive Opal Uroboros Noodles 5 Oz Tube UN1002

Product Description
Noodle: Thin glass strip similar to the look of a fettuccini noodle. C.O.E.: 96. Color: Red Reactive Opal (045) (number in parenthesis is base glass - either Spectrum or Uroboros glass). Size: 5MM W. x 1MM thick. Length: 17". Package: 20 - 30 noodles per 5 Oz. tube. Get Reactive in System 96 UROBOROS has created two unique glass formulas for System 96 that are designed to create an interface color, or a "reaction", when melted against certain other colors. This occurs when ions from the two adjacent glasses migrate and mingle when the glasses become hot and fluid. Given the right glass chemistry, the comingled ions form a very thin colored line, or "reaction". Since our formulas react to create a noticeably reddish hue we named them Red Reactives: as in Red Reactive Transparent, and Red Reactive Opal. The primary ingredient needed in a partner glass to generate a reaction color with our Reactive glass is Copper. Copper is present in many blue and blue-green glass colors, but in some cases in too low a concentration to create a noticeable reaction. For simplicity, all System 96 partner colors have been graded for their potential to react into three categories: Strong, Medium, and Mild. You will find that the intensity of the reaction color will get stronger with longer, hotter, or repeat firings. This is because the copper ions have more time to mingle with their friendly reactive partners in the adjacent glass.
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