Fusible Glass Supplies - Medium Fire Black Decal - for 2' Angel Fish

Product Description

Fits the 2" Pre-Cut Angel Fish

Decal Size: 2 x 2 Inch Firing Temperature Range: Maximum firing temperature 1290 degrees Farenheit. Firing instructions and decal test pieces included. Color: Lead Free Black Enamel This medium fire surface glass decal has been designed to fit our waterjet cut glass butterfly III. Designs were created exclusively for Jubilee Creative and are copyrighted by Cathy Chapin. We highly recommend you fire the decal test strip designs before firing to your glass art projects. Medium fire black enamel decals will begin to fade if fired higher than 1290 degrees F. Below is a suggested firing schedule. egment Heat Rate Per Hour Target Temperature Hold Time in Minutes Action 1 250° F 350° F 20 Vent Kiln 2 500° F 1000° F 10 Close Kiln 3 As Fast As Possible 1290° 10 4 As Fast As Possible 950° 30 5 Kiln Off


$ 2.14