Find-Its Tube Top Bails Sterling Silver Plated Jewelry, 10-Piece

Product Description
Turn any of your creations or "finds" into jewelry, key chains, baubles, zipper pulls, cell phone accessories, and much more. Each package of Tube Top Bails includes 10 Sterling Silver plated bails(4 Plain, 3 Spiral, 3 Textured) with a glue tab. They are a zinc alloy base (Nickel Free) plated with 20 mils of sterling silver. Each Tube Top bail is 20mm overall including glue tab; height of the bails without glue tab is 5mm, inner diameter is 5mm, and width is 8mm. Use a small amount jeweler's glue to adhere your bail to any glass art, gemstones, polymer clay, paper art, found objects, stones, ceramic, or any art creation that needs a loop attached for hanging. Gently sanding the bail and the objects surface, where the bail will adhere, will provide the best results. Small parts; not for children.
$ 10.63