Dragonfly Gold Metallic & Black Fusing Enamel Decal for Glass

Product Description

1.15"H x 1.35"W

Enamel metallic decals mature to bright & shiny metallic when fired to 1300-1400 degrees. Fire polish and fire your decal on at the same time! Any COE.

Please note: Decals are marked low or high fire on packaging.  Paper instructions are not included.  

NEW HIGH FIRE METALLIC DECALS are just that, high fire decals. Fire between 1300-1425 Fahrenheit. Can be used while fire polishing OR slumping at the same time! Two color decals are black with metallic high fire gold lining! Ventilation is key to a perfect gold or silver finish!

Suggested Schedule Below:

250 DPH to 350F Hold 10 min.

350 DPH to 750F Hold 20 min.

Full DPH to 1300-1425 Hold 12-15 min.

Full to 900 (Hold for specific annealing time)

Turn Kiln OFF

 Instructions for firing decals are here.

$ 3.39