Creator's Waffle Grid 6-Pack - As Seen On HGTV/DIY Cool Tools Network - 100% USA - Solid Bottom Modular Surface

Product Description

The Waffle Grid is an interconnecting grid which allows the user to configure the shape of their own work table, backsplash, and more!

Includes: 6 Waffle Grid Surfaces

Panel Size: 11-1/4" x 11-1/4" Square
- Waffle grids are interconnectable which allows for unlimited size requirements
- Made of high impact resistant Lexan plastic
- Each pocket measures 1/2" & is rounded smooth allowing glass to easily glide across the surface
- Clean out debris with ease by simply lifting out a section and turing it over
- See through material allows the use of a template to be placed underneath
- Great light transmission for use on a lightbox
- Grids can connect right side up (Grid Side) or upside down (Flat Side) depending on the users requirements
- Can be stacked & placed into a drawer for simple storage

$ 66.98

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