Miracle Mudd Small 10.5 oz Natural Cement for Lead Came Windows

Product Description

Miracle Mudd's two part cement system assures long lasting strength and leaves the stained glass panel weatherproof.

Use: Strengthen & waterproof leaded glass panels
Shelf Life: Unlimited! Just mix what's needed for each project. (Mixed leftovers can be stored for short periods in an airtight container)
Size: 10.5oz. powder
Color: Natural

Directions for Use:

1. Pour the liquid (not included) in a mixing container and stir in small amounts of powder at a time until desired consistency is achieved.
2. Once desired consistency is reached, allow the cement to set for a few minutes and stir again.
3. Apply to the project using a brush and push the mixture under the leaves of the came using a circular motion.
4. Once the lead has been sealed, sprinkle the panel with Whiting or another cleanup medium and brush off excess cement. (Cement will be very difficult to remove when dry)
5. Allow project to dry for 24-48 hours.

$ 9.98