Concrete Brush-A-Way Paper for 3 Dimensional Mosaic Projects

Product Description
  • Use to create 3-D stepping stone designs
  • Package includes 10 sheets, 12" x 12" each
  • Includes free turtle pattern for 12" round, 12" square and 8" square molds
  • Works equally well with commercial concrete products
  • Includes complete instructions for use with concrete
Add Texture to Your Next Stepping Stone!
Concrete Brush-A-Way paper is a concrete retarding paper that enables you to cast stepping stones using three-dimensional objects, such as glass nuggets, rocks or textured glass. The objects are adhered to the paper and placed in the bottom of the mold before pouring. After the concrete product has set up and the stone is removed from the mold, the paper is pulled off and the concrete can be brushed away with a stiff brush to reveal the 3-D design.

Concrete Brush-A-Way paper works well with both commercial concrete products and craft concretes like Mosaic Outdoor Cement. Package contains 10 sheets, 12" x 12" each. Includes complete instructions AND a FREE turtle pattern for 12" round, 12" square and 8" square molds! Pictured is a stepping stone with 3-D design created using Brush-A-Way paper and included pattern.
$ 22.61