COE 96 Pre Fused Glass Flowers (Mums) for Your Fused Glass Projects - Pack of 5 Many Colors

Product Description

Pre made fused glass flowers compatible with all coe 96 glass products.  I blend my colors to get different shades, so the colors may not match exactly, but they will be close.

Large measure approximately 26.5mm (1.04) inch in diameter.  These look like chrysanthemums to me.

Medium measure approximately 19mm (.75) inch in diameter.

  • These are made by using the freeze and fuse method with coe 96 compatible glass. These should be fired to a tack fuse to keep the most detail possible.
Dark Peach
Peacock Green
African Violet
Sunflower Yellow
Dark Yellow
Light Peach
Shades of Purple
Light Blue
$ 6.99

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