COE 96 Fusible Glass Forest Animals

Product Description

Pre made fused glass bunnies compatible with all coe 96 glass products.  Ready for you fused glass creations.

Bunny A (1 each) measures 40.6mm long x 25mm tall (1.6 inches x 1 Inch)

Bunny B (1 each) measures 61mm tall x 31mm wide (2.4 inch x 1.2 inch)

Small Bunnies (4 each) measure 18mm long x 19mm tall (.71 inch x .75 inch)

Squirrel (1 each) measure 39.9mm tall x 31mm wide (1.6 inches x 1.2 inches)

  • These are made by using the freeze and fuse method with coe 96 compatible glass. These should be fired to a tack fuse to keep the most detail possible.
Bunny A White(1)
Bunny A Cream(1)
Bunny B White(1)
Small Light Grey Bunnies (4)
Small Dark Grey Bunnies (4)
Light Grey Squirrel w/brownish Accents
Dark Grey Squirrel w/Light Grey Accents
Black Squirrel w/Light Grey Accents
$ 3.49