COE 96 Fused Glass Halloween Small/Tiny Shapes for Your Fused Glass Projects

Product Description
Tiny items for your Halloween Glass Projects 
  • These are made by using the freeze and fuse method with coe 96 compatible glass. These should be fired to a tack fuse to keep the most detail possible.
  • Ghosts - Set of 5 measure approx 30mm tall x 25 mm for largest and approx 15mm tall x 9mm for the smallest
  • Flying Witches - set of 6 measure approx 10mm
  • Bats A - 2 bats and 1 spooky moon (moon 32mm round bats 40mm x 15mm and 30mm x 11mm for the smallest)
  • Bats B - Set of 12 different sizes (range from 25mm wide for the largest and smallest 13mm wide)
  • Jack - O - Lanterns Set of 6 measure approx 12mm in diameter
  • Large Jack - O - Lanterns Set of 2 measure approximately 36mm tall x 38mm wide for the largest and 36 x 30mm for the smallest.
  • Tiny Halloween Assortment - Set of 2 each crescent moons, stars, jack-o-lanterns, flying witches, ghosts, black witch cats and bats.  14 pieces total.  The picture is taken on a green mat that each square measures 1/2 inch, so please pay attention to that prior to buying, this is a tiny assortment.
  • Halloween Flowers Assortment A - 20 flowers in all, ranging in sizes from 8.8 mm for the smallest to 13.5mm for the largest (.35 inch to .53 Inch).  See quarter for size perspective.
  • Blood Moon and Spooky Moon - 3 in all, measuring 33mm
  • Halloween Flowers Assortment B - 26 pieces in all measuring from smallest at 13mm and largest at 15mm.  
  • Raven Skull - You will receive 1 raven skull which measures 71mm x 28mm, approximately 3 inches long by a little over 1 inch tall.
  • Witch on a broom - you will receive 2.  They measure 45.5mm long x 32mm tall
  • Ghoulish Ghosts B - You will receive 6.  They measure 34mm x 22mm for the large, 27mm x 17mm for the medium and 20mm x 13mm for the smallest.  2 of each size.
  • Ravens Skull w/o Wings - 38mm long x 17.5mm wide - You will receive 2.
  • Ghosts C - 34mm wide x 28mm tall - You will receive 4
  • Bats C - 36.6mm wide x 18.5mm tall - You will receive 6
  • Large Haunted House - measures 112mm tall x 90.5mm wide (4.3  x 3.5 inches) - You will receive 1 house.
Ghosts A (Set of 5 Different Sizes)
Flying Witches Set of 6 Same Size
Bats - A (2 Black Bats and Spooky Moon)
Bats - A (2 Brown Bats and Spooky Moon)
Bats - B Black (Set of 12 Different Sizes)
Jack - O - Lanterns Mini Set of 6 Same Size
Jack - O - Lanterns Large Set of 2
Tiny Halloween Assortment (14 total pieces)
Halloween Flowers Assortment A (20 pieces)
Skulls (4)
Blood Moon and Spooky Moon (3)
Halloween Flower Assortment B (26)
Raven Skull with Wings
Witch on a Broom (2)
Ghoulish Ghosts B (Set of 6)
Large Haunted House Red Door
Raven's Skull w/o Wings (2)
Ghosts C (4)
Bats C (6)
$ 3.99