Carefree Lusters Enamel Assortment - Lead Free - Any COE

Product Description
  • 12 Trial size colors; perfect to get you started
  • Enamels are perfect for fused glass or flameworked projects
  • A great way to add some sparkle to your next project
  • Carefree lusters work with any COE

Add Sparkle with Carefree Lusters
Discover the full rainbow of luster enamels with this trial set. Use Carefree Luster enamels with any glass project.  Trial pack contains 12 colors. Compatible with all glass. Approximately 2.5 gm. per color.

Colors Include:    
Clear silver Clear red Clear blue
Clear purple Clear green Clear yellow
Clear orange Clear red  Metallic orange
Metallic yellow Metallic gold Metallic red


What are Lusters:

Carefree Lusters are titanium coated mica flakes.  They are not glass and as such do not stick to each other during firing.  Residue is expected after firing which is washed off.  They are applied as the last application on top of a glass surface.  They loose their luster if enamel is fired on top of the lusters.  The may be applied onto an enamel on metal surface, glass surface or ceramic glaze.

The lusters come in watercolors (WCL) or dry powders (LTK-1 trial pack of 12 colors) or (LR-1) 20 grams of a single color- dry powder, or (LR1-SET) 20 gram quantities of all 12 colors – dry powder.  They also come in solid and patterned decal sheets.

The watercolor lusters are used by adding a drop or two of water into the tub of luster-wax cake.  Allow a few minutes then apply to top coat of work with a brush.  Dry -fire at 1450 degrees F. for 1-1/2 to 2 minutes for enamel on metal surfaces; fire to 1380F for window glass; 1600F to 1800F for glazed ceramics.  After cooling, take piece to sink and rinse off residue luster.

The dry powder is the same material as the water colors or decals. Powders should be mixed with a painting medium – oil or water base of your choice. Some like using hairspray as a painting/mixing medium.  Same application and firing procedures – same results as stated above.

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