Bullseye - Frit Powder 5 Oz Jar - coe 90 - Many Colors

Product Description

Because I have so many colors listed under this category, it may be hard to find what you are looking for.  There is a dropdown menu that has everything listed that is in stock.  If you need a larger size than what I have, let me know.  Currently, I am selling 5 oz, 8 oz and 1 lb.  I can order larger than 1 lb, but it will take a bit of time to get it in.

90 C.O.E.,
Package: 5Oz. Clear Plastic Jar,
Size: 0.2mm and finer.

BU114098F- Aventurine Blue Transparent
Aventurine Green Transparent
Avocado Green Opal
Black Opal
Butterscotch Opal
Carnelian Transparent
Canary Yellow Opal
Caribbean Blue/White Opal
Celadon Green Opal
Chartreuse Transparent
Cinnabar Opal
Citronelle Transparent
Cranberry Pink Transparent Striker
Cream Opal
Crystal Clear
Dark Forest Green Opal
Deep Cobalt Blue Opal
Deep Gray Opal
Deep Royal Blue Transparent
Deep Royal Purple Transparent
Egyptian Blue Opal
Emerald Transparent
Fern Green Transparent
French Vanilla Opal
Fuchsia Transparent Striker
Garnet Red Transparent
Gold Purple Opal
Golden Green Opal
Green Opal
Indigo Blue Opal
Jade Green Opal
Kelly Green Transparent
Khaki Transparent
Leaf Green Transparent
Light Aquamarine Blue Transparent
Light Aventurine Green Transparent
Light Cyan Opal
Light Green Transparent
Light Mineral Green Transparent
Light Steel Blue Transparent
Light Turquoise Blue Transparent
Lily Pad Green Transparent
Marigold Yellow Transparent
BU113798F- Medium Amber Transparent
Mineral Green Opal
Mink Opal
Mint/Deep Forest Green Opal
Mint Green Opal Striker
Neo-Lavendar Opal
Olive Green Opal
Olive Green Transparent
Opaline Striker
Orange Opal
Orange Transparent
Pea Pod Green Opal
Periwinkle Opal
Pine Green Transparent
Pink Opal
Plum Opal
Powder Blue Opal BU010898F
Red Opal
Red Transparent Striker
Salmon Pink Opal
Sienna Transparent
Slate Gray Opal
Spring Green Transparent
Steel Blue Transparent
Sunflower Yellow Opal
Sunset Coral Transparent
Tangerine Orange Opal
Teal Green Opal
Tomato Red Opal
True Blue Transparent
Turquoise Blue Opal BU0116F
White Opal
Woodland Brown Opal
Yellow Transparent
$ 11.98