BU0100.31 - Bullseye Black Iridescent Opal Double Rolled - 90 COE 5x8

Product Description

5 x 8 Inches (.28 sq ft) Seems to have a lot of gold in it.

Premium handmade Bullseye glass is ideal for high-quality kiln work. Specifically formulated and tested for compatibility, this glass withstands multiple firings for complex projects without devitrification. The flatter double-rolled surface minimizes bubble entrapment, so colors can be layered for custom hues. A subtle "catspaw" texture allows modest light transmission when used in stained glass projects, creating an organic look.

The Standard thickness is 3 mm. 90 COE. 

Photo above is a general representation of glass colors. Colors may vary. Sizes are Approximate.

$ 8.98