1/2" Fiber Duraboard - 12" X 12"

Product Description
Create Your Own Drop Ring Molds! Simply trace your own pattern onto the fiberboard. Cuts easily with a fiberboard saw (as shown in photo). The fiberboard's pressed ceramic fibers are perfect for creating unique drop molds or walls to cast frit. For single time use, fiberboard can be used as is. For multiple firings, treat first with mold hardener, prefire to cure, and coat with kiln wash. Fish bowl shown by artist Brenda Ellens created in the Kiln Cast Bowls Class at the Lansing Creativity Center, second project shown from "Warm Glass" book #6540. Use to make custom drop out molds for unique bowls Can be treated with mold hardener and used for multiple firings Pair with fire bricks to make custom dam molds for frit casting Easy to cut with a fiberboard saw
$ 22.61