Watercolor Enamel Assortment for Glass and Metal - Lead Free GPWC-SET

Product Description
  • Compatible with all glass and metal
  • 9 sample colors are mixable for a bigger variety
  • Apply right from the package, just add water or enameling binder
  • Use just like normal watercolor paints

Apply the beauty of watercolors to your kiln fired glass art with enamels.
Colors can be easily applied straight from the package using water or an enameling binder. Create custom colors by diluting or combining with other watercolors to create a rainbow of choices. Set includes 9 colors, 15 grams each. Compatible with all glass and metals.
Matures between 1350° and 1420° F.

Colors Include:    
White Bright Blue Maroon
Green Bright Red Brown
Bright Yellow Orange Black
$ 68.98