Powder Vibe And Tip

Product Description
  • Apply enamel and powder details with ease and control
  • Sleek body design allows for use in either the right or left hand
  • Runs on 2 "AAA" batteries for 14 to 18 hours of continuous use
  • Includes 1 small capacity original tip

Apply glass enamel powders with better control and precision. Powder Vibe allows for the safer handling and storage of powders. You can easily place just the right amount of powder exactly where you want it. To fill the tip, separate the tube, cover the tip, fill with powder and slide the cap on. Tips easily attach to the Powder Vibe base with a magnet, making changes fast and easy. Simply press the pressure switch on the Powder Vibe to start the flow of powder, and release to stop. Powder flows out smoothly when vibrated and allows for quick, mess-free application. Sleek design allows for use in both the right and left hand. Runs on two "AAA" batteries for approximately 14 - 18 hours of continuous use. Includes one Small Capacity Original Tip for use with powdered frits and powdered enamels. Additional tips sold separately. Note: Original tip is designed for enamels and powdered frit and will not work with fine frit or larger particles. Tip: Store filled powder vibe tip assemblies in a location with low humidity to prevent powder from compacting. Tips stored in high humidity may not allow smooth flow of powders during application. Additional images courtesy of Bearfoot Art Glass Studio. Instructions can be seen in additional images. Instruction videos show the original design of the Powder Vibe tool. Powder Vibe now features a slim ergonomic design.


$ 37.95