No Days Mosaic Mesh 12 X 48 Inches (5 Sheets - 20 Square Feet)

Product Description
PACK OF 5 SHEETS (20 square feet) NO Days Mosaic Mesh is a unique fiberglass mesh matrix coated with our proprietary NO Days Mosaic Adhesive specifically designed to provide professionals and hobbyists more flexibility with the design of their glass or tiles as well as allow them the capability of transporting their mosaics without worry of piece movement. •Allows mosaics to be easily transported or mounted vertically before or after grouting •Designed for both interior or exterior mosaic application •Cure large areas or entire mosaic at once •Easily re-work the location or the removal of glass or tile pieces if necessary •Allows you to build on horizontal plane and mount vertical •Bond glass or tiles to mesh substrate using a standard heat gun or NO Days Universal Curing Station •Non-Toxic, No Fume Byproduct Mesh is conveniently coated with heat activated adhesive, so you can place and reposition pieces with ease. When you're ready, simply warm mesh with a heat gun to activate adhesive. You can move from layout to installing directly into mastic in minutes, no more waiting! No messy glues, adhesive is right on mesh. Using Heat Gun just heat to activate, cools to set.
$ 39.66