Morton Teeny Circle System

Product Description
  • The Teeny Circle System is an inexpensive method of making small circles but is ready to do much more. The directions show you how to setup for quilting patterns and modify trapezoids for great looking lamps.
  • The Teeny Circle System is for circles of 6" or smaller. This unique design allows jig setups for much more than circles.
  • Waffle Grid Not Included.
  • Glass Cutter Not Included.
  • Glass Not Included. Included: Turn Table & Pad - Size: 7.375" x 7.375", Circle Guide, Glass Stop,Two Black Cylinders, Wire Support Rod, Right Handed Instructions and Left Handed Instructions.

  • The Morton Teeny Circle System is an inexpensive method of making small circles. Your regular glass cutter is used to make the scoremost inexpensive circle cutters can't make circles smaller than 3inches. The Teeny Circle System can be used for much more than circles... directions show setups for quilting patterns and modifying trapezoids. Included in this package is a plastic turn table, 7-3/8" x 7-3/8" glass holding pad, yellow plastic circle guide, yellow plastic glass stop, 2 black cylinders, wire support rod, separate right handed instructions, and separate left handed instructions. Use the Teeny Circle System on all Morton Surfaces. Use with most popular glass cutters. Directions show how cutter hole can be modified to accommodate cutter variations.
    $ 19.99