Large Soldering Mat

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Protect Your Work Table from Solder & Heat Use this large versatile soldering mat for all your soldering projects. Dual layer rubber design provides a durable heat resistant surface, where matting may come in contact with hot soldering iron tips or solder splashes. Mat measures 15" x 24" and is chemical and abrasion resistant. Rolls up for easy storage Get even more use out of this versatile surface The large non-slip mat is also ideal for coldworking, allowing you to focus on finishing your art without worries about protecting your table or keeping your project in place. When you're done, simply wash the mat and roll it up until it's needed again.  Do not lay your iron directly on the mat, most irons are hotter than 500 degrees and will still burn the mat.  It is "heat resistant" up to 500, but that does not mean if you stick a soldering iron to it and leave it there that it will not melt.
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