Fireworks Beginner Beadmaking Kit (Includes Torch)

Product Description
DIAMOND TECH-Fireworks Beginner's Beadmaking Kit. With this kit and a few hours of practice you will be turning ordinary glass into stylish beads. Simply melt a glass rod in the flame; wrap it around a mandrel to transform it into a decorative hand-crafted bead. This package contains step-by-step instructions; Fireworks self-igniting torch head; twelve mandrels; MAPP gas canister holder; two piece marver set; rod scrubber; a 14x17in heat resistant work surface; 4oz/113.4g bead release (contains aluminum crystalline silicates which are known in California to cause health issues); fifteen 5mm 104-OE Italian glass rods (approximately 12 inches long) in a secure 15-1/4x1-3/8in hanging tube with removable rubber end caps; fiber blanket to cool beads (contains refractory ceramic fibers: possible human carcinogen); a bead rake; an instruction manual and a 150 minute DVD: Making of a Glass Bead. Made in USA/Imported. You will need to purchase your own Mapp Gass.
$ 81.99