Dimensional Mosaics: With Fused & Painted Glass Elements (Next Step Art Glass)

Product Description
Dimensional Mosaics combines the timeless craft of mosaics as designer Leslie Perlis brings her vibrant modern style with a sculptural twist. This lavishly illustrated book presents Leslie's unique approach that weaves together glass fusing, kiln fired surface decorating and mosaic fabrication to create outstanding dimensional sculptures. Allow Leslie to show you how to think outside the traditional mosaic square and encourage you to experiment with your creative energy. This "Next Step Art Glass" series was developed for crafters who already have basic glass working skills. This "Dimensional Mosaics" book has 18 pages of instructions to guide you through the complete process, starting with the development of a design, through the fabrication and final cleanup of a full-size sculpture. The project gallery includes 11 fully completed sculptures showcasing them with detailed illustrations and descriptions.
$ 17.95