Alan Lamp Base (Bronze Finish) 18 Inch Total Height

Product Description
Really nice lamp base. It is pretty heavy for the size. The base measures 10 1/4 inches from the table to the bottom of the socket, and 18 inches from the bottom to the bottom of the finial where the shade site. The bottom diameter of the base is 4 5/8 inches, but this is a pretty stable base. It weighs almost 4 lbs If you are making a stained glass lampshade and need a base, then pay particular attention to base height, not total height. A 6 inch shade can fit a 6 inch base. A 12 inch shade can fit a 12 inch base. This is give or take an inch. You can adjust a little by changing the harp, or using a riser to move your shade up. This is not etched in stone, but it is a good starting point.
$ 39.99