18" Worden Lamp Patten Trumpet Vine W18-10

Product Description
  • This listing is for a lamp pattern, not a ready made lamp shade. This lamp is a composite reproduction of original Trumpet Vine Tiffany lamps as pictured in Dr. Neustadt's book "The Lamps of Tiffany" page 210. This lamp is 18" in diameter, 15" high, has five pattern repeats, with the same overall dimensions and intricate detail as the originals.
  • Specifications: No. Glass Pieces - 982 Glass Needed - 12.3' Diameter - 18 Height - 15 Aperture - 1.25 Design Repeats - 5
  • Includes MagicStrips, Paper Patterns, Color Key, instructions, check ring & cast branch set.
$ 37.25