Front (First) Surface Mirror for Kaleidoscopes 8 X 12 Sheet

Product Description
Front surface coating is highly reflective and eliminates ghost images and waviness. Same quality mirror in Clarity's Kits. Front Surface Mirror requires a lighter score to cut. The backing should remain on while cutting to protect the mirror from fingerprints and scratches. Use your hands to run the score, it should break easily with light pressure. Use a craft knife to cut the backing to separate pieces from the sheet, and remove the backing just before assembly for best results. First surface mirror is a mirror where the reflective silvering is placed on the front of the glass, rather than behind the glass. Images reflected in a first surface mirror are clearer, brighter and less diffuse than reflections in a conventional mirror. First surface mirror is also called front surface mirror. First surface mirror is ideal for use in kaleidoscopes. With ordinary mirror light passes through a layer of glass before reflecting off the back of the mirror. Since glass is not perfectly clear this dims the image. The image is also blurred by images reflecting off the front of the glass. Inexpensive kaleidoscopes use ordinary mirror, plastic mirror, or polished metal instead of a first surface mirror so images can be blurred. The use of Aluminized First Surface Mirror solves these problems. First surface mirror is made by vacuum depositing a highly reflective aluminum coating onto the front surface of the glass. Consequently the light reflects off the aluminized surface without passing through a distorted layer of glass. Because of its high reflectivity, first surface mirror is always used in cameras, telescopes, microscopes, and other precision optical instruments. First surface mirror creates a brilliant kaleidoscope images that remains clear and bright throughout the viewing field. The patterns and colors are much sharper and more intense inside the kaleidoscope than would be possible using ordinary mirror.
$ 18.99